eLOCUS Technical Services, not only serves clients with custom modified solutions, but has come up with various Software Applications/Products, which are made with deep and thorugh market analysis, thus maintaining high quality standards. 


eLOCUS Enterprise 2

Enterprise 2 is an ideal small business ERP software solution for growing small business manufacturing and distribution organizations. Enterprise 2 delivers a complete small business ERP solution to manage a small business’s entire operations. Unlike many stand-alone small business software solutions, Enterprise 2 is a fully-integrated small business ERP system that provides comprehensive software functionality for order management, inventory control, warehouse management, procurement, process, discrete, and mixed-mode manufacturing, accounting, and customer relationship management.

eLOCUS’s fully-integrated, small business ERP software approach eliminates the need for multiple software packages, add-ons, and duplicates data entry, providing substantial time and cost savings to the organization. Perhaps most importantly, Enterprise 2’s scalable design gives small business manufacturing and distribution companies the flexibility to grow without having to purchase additional software functionality to meet their growing business needs. eLOCUS does not sell a downgraded or functionally-limited version of Enterprise 2, so small businesses can obtain the small business ERP software functionality required to compete with larger corporations on a global scale.


eLOCUS Invoice 10

Invoice 10 is a feature rich invoice software tool for the small business & medium sized company. It is not just an Invoice software or billing software. It is in fact an Invoicing, Accounts Receivable (AR) and an Inventory (Pro version only) program all rolled into one. Whether you are in trading, service related, professional or others business type, virtually any small business & medium sized company can use Invoice 10. If you're looking for a quick and simple invoice product, consider eLOCUS Invoice Software.

Secure more clients/ customers by giving your business a professional look with highly customizable Quotations, Invoices, Credit/ Debit Memo( or Notes), Delivery Order, Packing List, Performa Invoices, Purchase Order, Customer Statements, Letters & Faxes. All documents can be printed or E-mail as a PDF attachment.