eLOCUS brings the expertise to support your processes through multiple service channels. We communicate and process through different mediums across various domains and processes. eLOCUS Center of Excellence brings best practices and learning to further enhance our skills in the use of these channels.

Sourcing Models:

eLOCUS unique 'co-sourcing' model and strong BPO focus has enabled us to re-engineer processes and also provide value-added services. These services vary from simple (customization of processes in keeping with the client's requirements, knowledge management) to complex (using technology to enable enhanced performance on metrics, reporting tools, middleware)

In addition to this, eLOCUS 'Centers of Excellence' including Transitioning and Project Management and its 'Process Improvement Team' enable a solid platform for sharing best practices. This helps the company in providing significant cost savings, improved productivity and quality levels and other value added services to its clients.

The 3 key elements of our services include:

Core Competencies

  • Human Resource Services - Managed Recruiting
  • Healthcare IT 
  • Insurance
  • Banking

Domain Expertise 

Our business units are  structured  to  offer strong domain focus. Each unit is a  repository of domain knowledge and experts who have outstanding experience in migrating and successfully implementing processes. 

Service Channels 

We have extensive experience in running operations across multiple channels including voice, email, chat and data. We also serve clients through blended channels.